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The invention of radio in the very early 20th century helped revolutionize the art of broadcasting forever. The name borrowed from how farmers would “cast” out seeds into fertile soils in order to plant them, the term broadcast was originally. With this idea in mind, early engineers felt that ideas and information could act as seeing, being cast out to a fertile listening audience. Radio, or Electrical Recording as it was first
called, was intended to be the death of the institution of recorded music.
Inventor of the gramophone Thomas Edison was quick to discredit this new
technology, even resorting to publicizing a comic series mocking it, attempting
to discredit it in the public eye. This attempt was none too successful, and
once radio began recording via microphone technology instead of Edison sound
hole technology; even Edison couldn’t large that radio was the way of the
future and even began investing much time into research and development so that
he too might find a way into this new field.


Ironically though, the future of cinema would rely, as least for the time being, on the existence of the record player. In the early 1920’s it was considered that movies, which up to this point were silent or with live musical accompaniment, could be synchronized with pre-recorded records that played for 10 minutes at a time on discs that would be swapped throughout the duration of the film. Before the advent of film that could retain audio this would e the revolutionary development that cinema
needed to grow and adapt into how we know it today. It would later be the radio Company of America (RCA) who would develop the first film media that could retain sound as well as video, elminating the ever elusive issue of syncronization within cinema.

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  1. 4everyoung Says:

    Call me weird, but I’ve always been, and still to this day, a person who’s always questing to find out where and how words or certain figure of speech come from. Who would have thought that the word “broadcast” who derive from a farmer? It’s not like the average farmer has a part-time job being on the radio. All I can say is its truly ironic.

    Remember when I just told you that I have a love for finding out where words or certain figure of speech came from? Well, I wasn’t lying. I once took a Public Speaking class at NYIT in Central Islip Long Island, and had a professor share with the entire class where the saying, “It’s going to cost an arm and a leg” came from. He said, may years ago when cameras weren’t yet invented, but people wanted a portrait of themselves, they would have to pay a substantial amount of more money if they wanted to have their arm and legs drawn along with their face. Hint, hint – this is way most paintings back in the 1700’s and even earlier usually only showed a picture of someone’s face.

    Have you ever thought about where the word “Bluetooth” derived from? Well, according to, the developers of this wireless technology first used the name “Bluetooth” as a code name, but as time past, the name stuck.The word “Bluetooth” is taken from the 10th century Danish King Harald Bluetooth. King Bluetooth had been influential in uniting Scandinavian Europe during an era when the region was torn apart by wars and feuding clans.
    The founders of the Bluetooth SIG felt the name was fitting because:
    1) Bluetooth technology was first developed in Scandinavia, and
    2) Bluetooth technology is able to unite differing industries such as the cell phone, computing, and automotive markets. Bluetooth wireless technology simplifies and combines multiple forms of wireless communication into a single, secure, low-power, low-cost, globally available radio frequency.

    Awesome! Right?

  2. Priest Says:

    You are so cool! I don’t suppose I have read through a single thing like that before. So good to find somebody with a few original thoughts on this topic. Really.. thanks for starting this up. This website is one thing that’s needed on the web, someone with a bit of originality!

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