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The subject I want to research about for my paper is the effect that the “Big 4” (Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, & Anthrax) had on the then developing genre of heavy metal and how they contributed to the Metal music to comes decades later. These 4 bands are highly credited as establishing and developing early metal music within the United States, before all spreading their sound to a global audience. Each of them would end up influencing different genres of rock, metal, and other popular music forms as well as instituting new industry standards for recording, live performances, and marketing/advertising.

In addition to their commercial successes, I wish to discuss their song and albums musically. What made them so popular within fellow musicians and why are they frequently regarded (some of the 4 if not all) as influential artist, talked of more as if they were composers and musical geniuses rather than just popular musicians. Lastly, these 4 bands allowed America to put their stamp on a growing music trend which was typically a British institution, who upon the development done over the course of their careers would help set new standards for the entire genre as many of the English Metal band had done just years prior.

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  1. Amy Herzog Says:

    Thought I’d check in now that you’ve had some time to work on this to see how the research is going. I love the idea of examining the roots of an American-based metal movement (versus the Brits), but I am a little worried that research might be a challenge. Have you found many sources yet? Robert Walser is one author to check out…

  2. rar Says:


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